V2Ray VLess is a VPN software created by V2Ray.com which focusing to provide privacy while you connect to the internet. V2Ray supports multiple protocols, including VMess, Socks, HTTP, Shadow sock, etc. V2Ray can be run on Windows, macOS, BSD, iOS, and Android.

How to use V2Ray VLess for Free NET:
Please note that this trick can be used if your free net trick requires SNI/Bug Host
1. Download and install V2Ray VLess App (V2rayNG, ,Kitsunebi, NapsternetV or etc.)
2. Create your account at CStunnel.com/v2ray/vless and fill in SNI/Bug hostname there
3. Copy the configuration from the above step
4. Import the configuration to V2Ray apps
5. Connect and Enjoy Free Net

Server Details
Hostname: sg4vless.xraycstunnel.me
Location: Singapore
Protocol: VMESS
Transport: WebSocket
Port TLS: 443
Port non-TLS: 80
Valid: 3 Days

How To Create An V2Ray VLess Singapore Account

To create an V2Ray VLess account location in Singapore you must fill the form, just input the sni/bug host. Don't forget to complete the captcha challenge to ensure that you are not a robot, and then click the Create Account button.

You can use the V2Ray VLess Singapore account in V2Ray VLess Apps, You can download on Google Play Store, Get V2Ray VPN.

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